Bryston BIT4 IS Series Power Conditioner with Australian Plugs


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  • The concern Bryston had with a lot of power line conditioners available in the market was that many of them could restrict the current available to the amplifier.

    An amplifier can draw very high peak current, and wants to ‘see’ a very low impedance high current source from the power line. In fact, we even stated in our owners manuals not to plug our amplifiers into power conditioners. TheTransformer based line conditioners we tested were too small to supply the peak current required and many of them were just Filters and did not provide Isolation -(Isolation means there is no mechanical connection between the outside power grid and your inside system power supply).

    Also most of the surge protection was done using MOV’s, which are sacrificial and eventually will be destroyed with repeated spikes. Other issues with these MOVs is that they allow much more voltage through before they reacted (typically 300 volts and higher) and they shunt the voltage spikes to ground. So we decided to try and develop a powerline Conditioner.

    Isolation and Protection unit that would not have the restrictions of the many units currently on the market from an amplifier performance perspective.

  • • Very low source impedance and high current for the power amplifier
    • Power surge protection using Series Mode Surge Suppression rather than MOV’
    • Total isolation from outside power grid
    • High Power Capability
    • Low Noise
    • Cleaner Power
  • Availability

    Black or Silver 17" Faceplates

    Amps 4
    V-IN (VAC) 240 ± 10
    230 ± 10
    Freq. (Hz) 50 ±3
    Input Current Limit (A) 4A Breaker
    No outlets 3 (UK, AUS) 4-(GERM)
    Weight Kg. Lbs 16.4 kg 36 lbs

    Dimensions W x D x H, mm (inches)

    483 x 286 x 102 (19” x 11.3” x 4”)