FiiO CL06 Micro to Type C USB OTG Cable


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Conveniently bundle into one

The CL06,consisting of a Type C connector on one end and a micro USB connector on another, simply brings together devices of the two most commonly seen connector types of portable devices and is optimized especially for those who want to bundle their source and external audio device.

* For audio sources with Type C connectors such as Android phones or lossless music players connected to external audio decoders such as the FiiO Q1 Mark II or Q5.

* The connected audio source must have USB audio out in order to use this cable.

Shielded pure copper wire for flawless transmission

Despite the CL06 only being a small 6cm,it is made of premium shielded copper wire core wrapped in a fireproof sheath so as to avoid external interference and ensure your music gets sent where it needs to go.

* This cable is only designed for USB OTG usage, and cannot be used like a regular USB cable for charging or data transfer purposes.

Durable, aluminum alloy elbow plug

Both the Type C and micro USB connectors are of the elbow plug (90 degree) style, which ensures the connectors will last much longer than those of the typical straight kind. The connectors themselves are made of aluminum alloy for quick heat dissipation and overall greater reliability.

* When the Type C connector is inserted into certain smartphones, there will be a prompt saying that the phone is charging the other device even though it really is not. This is normal.