FiiO L16 Professional 3.5mm to 3.5mm Short Cable


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Short high quality interconnect to use in between your player and portable amplifier

  • Oyaide branded, all-Japanese interconnect.

    • Utilizing PCOCC-A cable from Furukawa Electric Cable: Pure PCOCC-A single core copper
    • PCOCC-A:
      PCOCC: It's a high purity copper wire which is generated by the OCC after smelting.
      PCOCC-A (A refers to Anneal): Formed by the PCOCC after the annealing process.
      PCOCC-A is a high purity OCC copper after the annealing process,
      which is characterized by high purity, great conductivity, soft wire and long usage time.
  • Length: 55mm

    Plug: Straight, 3.5mm, Gold plated Copper

    Cable: Pure PCOCC-A single core copper