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  • Reassuringly durable sheaths
  • Easy to carry with no burdens
  • Great compatibility for easy decoding

Cable Length



WM-PORT, Type-C, L-shaped

Supported music players

Music plays with a WM port from SONY, including the NW-A35/A45/A46/A55/A55HN/A56HN, NW-WM1A/Z and NW-ZX1/ZX2/ZX100/ZX300A.

Supported DACs

FiiO products with a Type-C port, such as the Q5s (Type-C) and Q3. * To guarantee the connection stability, please switch the charging function of the connected FiiO DAC/Amp to OFF. For detailed steps, please refer to the user manual of the exact FiiO DAC/Amp.

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