Final Sonorous III Closed Back Headphones


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Sonorous III employs an array of technologies borrowed over from Sonorous X - a vast soundscape awaits the listener.

"The conclusion is obvious. If you've looked for a true high-resolution full-size headphone which many will clearly prefer to a Sennheiser HD800 and which is a half-priced stand-in for a Beyerdynamic T5p, never mind that porta players will ace it which could never dream of bench-pressing the Sennheisers; and if your budget were <€400... Final's Sonorous III is my current top pick. What's more, I see no alternative in sight. These are headfi's Job INTegrated. That makes them real keep-it-honest medicine when faced by the luxury contenders and their promises. So does that mean that not all of high-performance audio is gloom and doom on extortionist pricing? It does indeed. There are shiny exceptions if you know where to look. With the Sonorous III, score a fat victory for Japan, land of costly labour. Bloody hell... " -6Moons

  • The flagship model SONOROUS X employs a driver unit integrated with the front plate, which results in resonance being suppressed and clear sound quality.

    Here, clear, transparent sound combined with a vast sound stage is generated owing to the same titanium diaphragm employed with SONOROUS X. We’ve achieved sound quality that faithfully reproduces the source music and is pleasant to listen to.

  • The ear pads play an important part in sound quality. When there is a space between the ear pad and the ear, low frequency acoustic pressure changes greatly, and this greatly influences sound quality. So as to achieve a superior fit where it is hard to create a space, we’ve employed synthetic leather, which has an equal amount of flexibility both horizontally and vertically, and have chosen a sponge with just the right amount of flexibility. Establishing apertures on the inside and the outside of the ear pads makes for clear sound quality with sealed headphones.

    BAM is the approach of optimizing the balance of pressure at the front and rear of the diaphragm. SONOROUS III has been tuned to an extremely accurate level based on new knowledge expertise gained from the development of SONOROUS VIII and SONOROUS X.

    To achieve a high level of precision with the hard ABS housing, simulations were carried out until the appropriate level of fluidity with respect to the molding material was achieved. A textured finish that is also used with high-grade camera lenses is applied, and unnecessary vibrations are suppressed.

    With SONOROUS X, the flagship model of the SONOROUS series, we integrated the driver unit with the front plate, and this suppresses resonance as well as realizing clear sound quality. The housing employs hard resin comprised of hard polycarbonate strengthened with 30% glass added to it. Resonance is suppressed and clear sound quality is achieved. Titanium has been employed for the diaphragm. This plays a role in enhancing resolution and the generation of high frequency harmonic overtones.

    A metal plated monaural plug with a diameter of 3.5mm is employed for the connector on the headphones. By employing a connector with a long track record, trouble resulting from poor connection through changes over time is avoided. This is a cable with a locking mechanism that rotates 90?.

  • Housing: ABS

    Driver: Dynamic

    SPL: 105dB

    Impedance: 16-ohms

    Cable Length: 1.5M

    Weight: 410grams