Focal Sphear S In Ear Headphones


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Sphear S is faithful to Focal’s historic acoustic signature, with a particularly rich mid-range which is never muffled, accurate and clear sound, it is extremely faithful to the original work, and offers harmonic richness, from the low end to the high end, for true listening pleasure.

  • Thanks to their unbeatable performance in this price category, Sphear S are the most accomplished in-ear headphones to date, the most comfortable and the most generous for getting the most out of your music, wherever you are. In this age of “High-Resolution” and CD quality audio files, through its spherical design and its preservation of Focal’s acoustic signature, Sphear S provides an original and unique solution for those passionate for high resolution sound.


    Light and practical, discreet and attractive, Sphear S in-ear headphones are the fruition of the close collaboration between designers and engineers aiming to conciliate complex constraints related to miniaturisation with innovative and sophisticated solutions.


    A job for the true audiophile, this collaboration resulted in this simple and pronounced bulbous design of the ear pieces secured by a stainless steel ring and grille for increased robustness, reliability and aesthetics.

    Sphear S is available in the Black High Gloss finish


    The spherical design of Sphear’s ear-pieces makes it possible to have a larger driver than usual. The 10.8mm multi-channel transducer, one of the biggest in its category, and the Bass Reflex system provide extended frequency response in the low end and ultra realistic bass. Additionally, the bass level on Sphear S has been slightly increased for mobile use in noisy environments.

  • Type: Closed-back intra-aural

    Impedance: 16 Ohms

    Sensitivity: 103dB

    THD: <0.3%

    Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz

    Driver: 10.8mm Mylar electro-dynamic

    Microphone: Omnidirectional

    Net weight: 15g (0,03lbs)