iFi audio Pro iESL Electrostatic Energizer

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  • The Pro series iESL is the best way of driving electrostatic headphones.

    The iESL Pro driven by either the iCAN Pro or your existing amplifier can go toe-to-toe with the best amplifiers out there for electrostatic headphones. Its defining characteristic is a transparency and an ultra-wide dynamic range that is totally natural.

    Its defining characteris is a transparency and an ultra-wide dynamic range that is totally natural.

    It works with all Stax, Sennheiser Orpheus and electrosta headphones. Its transformer-coupled stage also elevates flagship dynamic headphones (rarely found).

    The Pro iESL makes use of 3 core components, all developed using the very best classic approaches combined with the latest in cuQng-edge technology, to deliver the ‘perfectly matched’ headphone experience.

    The Porsche and the Pro
    Imagine the audio equivalent of a Porsche engine of the flagship headphone world and you have the Pro iESL. Electrostatics need high voltages to energise them to make sound. The Pro iESL is one such energiser and delivers the extra-high-tension voltage needed. The capacitor pack has around 35,000,000 kOhm insulation resistance, which means that self-discharge time (to 30%) is around 100,000 seconds or 27 hours. It is one of the best energisers in the business (even if we do say so ourselves) and is compatible with all the great electrostatic brands – including Orpheus and Koss.

    Big sound
    If you like electrostatics, then you like ‘big’ sound. The Pro iESL won’t disappoint. Coupled with our more traditional flagship amplifier, the Pro iCAN (or any other, but we like ours), the Pro iESL lowers distortion, separates vocals, orchestras and instruments. It opens up the bass and leaves you with a wide, structured soundstage.

    Dynamic duo
    And, we’ve got good news. The Pro iESL can also be used with your flagship dynamic headphones thanks to a unique transformer-coupled-stage that can take them to the max.

    Just go Pro
    Enjoy the pure luxurious, pleasure of flying high with your headphones – electrostatics or dynamics – with the iFi Pro iESL. No more background noise, no more distortion. Just smooth, sexy, open audio. Forget the Porsche – just go Pro.

  • • Its strikingly designed pillars are made from natural marble for optimum stability
    • Press Release Pro iRack
    • It boasts slim stainless steel supports with micro-vibration control for minimum energy storage
    • It is made from resonance-damped magnesium-aluminium alloy to minimize vibration
    • The Pro iRack sports multi-resonance damped sandwich construction for maximum damping and isolation

  • Maximum Output voltage 640V RMS (16Ω/20V in) 320V RMS (64Ω/20V in)
    Frequency Response 5Hz – 50kHz (-3dB)
    Input Voltage (Pro iESL) AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption < 1W
    Dimensions 213(l) x 206(w) x 63.3(h) mm
    Weight 2.5kg (5.5 lbs)