iFi audio xCAN Portable Headphone Amplifier

iFi audio

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  • The xCAN is a portable, dual-mono Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) amplifier for use with smartphones, computers, TVs and DAPs.

    Power boost
    The xCAN sports balanced in/outs to take full advantage of the growing availability of balanced sources such as high-end DAPs. While the DACs in most high-end DAPs are more than capable, their inbuilt headphone amplifiers often lack in power. Give them the boost they deserve with the xCAN. And with a 1000mW of power per channel, the difference is there to be heard.

    The iFi exclusive S-Balanced technology delivers the maximum performance from single-ended and balanced headphones alike. The S-Balanced (single-ended compatible balanced) 3.5mm headphone output delivers the benefits of a balanced connection to single-ended headphones. Enjoy lower distortion and reduced crosstalk.

    Phone freedom
    Not happy with your smartphone’s amplification but don’t want wires? Simple – plug your headphones into the xCAN, pair it with your phone and pop it into your pocket. No more wires. You are free to use your phone as you wish all while listening to your favourite hi-res tunes.

    Smart thinking
    Imagine the scenario. It’s late at night and you feel like watching a film or firing up the Xbox but you don’t want to disturb your other half. Your headphones don’t quite reach from your smart TV to your bed or comfortable place on the sofa. Pair the xCAN with your smart TV via Bluetooth, plug your headphones into the xCAN at your side and you are good to go. No more cable issues.

  • • Dual-mono headphone amplifier with 1000mW of power per channel, which can unleash the full potential of both 32ohm and 600ohm headphones 
    • Wireless Bluetooth (aptX and AAC) for CD-quality wireless sound ESS Sabre DAC with time domain jitter eliminator
    • Balanced 2.5mm headphone output
    • S-Balanced compatible 3.5mm headphone output delivers the benefits of the balanced connection to single-ended headphones
    • Advanced Analogue Signal Process (ASP), 3D+® and XBassⅡ® headphone optimisation circuits
    • Pure analogue volume control retaining full-resolution at all volume levels
    • Large 2200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery providing up to eight hours of playing time 

  • Inputs

    Wireless -ESS Sabre 44.1/48k 16-Bit (AAC, aptX, aptX LL and SBC)

    Wired - 3.5mm (TRS or TRRS S-Balanced*) and 2.5mm (TRRS) *ONLY found in iFi components such as nDSD BL. Do NOT feed using normal TRRS Balanced output sources. No USB audio input

    Max Output

    S-Balanced - > 3.8V / 45 mW (@ 300 Ohm)> 3.5V / 380 mW (@ 32 Ohm)> 3.1V / 600 mW (@ 16 Ohm

    Balanced - > 7.6V / 90 mW (@ 600 Ohm)> 7.2V / 800 mW (@ 64 Ohm)> 5.7V / 1,000 mW (@ 32 Ohm)

    THD & N

    S-Balanced - < 0.005% (@ 100 mW/1.26V 16 Ohm)

    Balanced - < 0.006% (@ 360 mW/2.4V 16 Ohm)


    S-Balanced - > 121dBA (@ 3.8V)

    Balanced - >120dBA (@ 7.6V)

    Recommended HP Impedance 16~600 Ohm
    Output impedance

    S-Balanced - <1 Ohm

    Balanced - <2 Ohm

    Max. Input

    S-Balanced - 3V RMS

    Balanced - 6V RMS

    Gain -95dB to +18dB adjustable in 114 1dB steps (using volume control)
    Frequency Response < 2Hz – > 200kHz (-3dB)
    Playback Time 18 hours (analogue) or 12 hours (Bluetooth) (charging via USB port)
    Dimensions 95 (l) x67 (w) x19 (h) mm
    Weight 127g (0.28 Ibs)
    Warranty period 12 months