Topping D30Pro Desktop USB Balanced DAC


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  • Sound of Quad DAC
    The D30Pro is a simple DAC with top specifications, better sound, and a refined build. A perfect partner with the A30Pro headphone amplifier.

    The 4 x CS43198 provide a total of 8 full balanced channels. So each channel of the D30Pro will be arranged in parallel by 4 conventional balanced channels. The increase in output capability will bring changes in the sound and the spec will also improve.

    USB support DSD256 & PCM384kHz high resolution audio
    D30Pro uses 2nd generation 8 core XMOS XU208, USB supports up to PCM32bit 384kHz and DSD256 native. With the help of customized Thesycon driver (for Win 7 or above), your PC will have better performance on ASIO playback.

    ASIO settings are too complicated? We also have a simpler usage
    How simple can it be? Connect directly to the PC without installing any driveres, set the sampling rate that you want and enjoy!

    Selectable output port
    D30Pro has full balanced XLR output and single ended RCA output. You can choose "XLR only", "RCA only" or "XLR+RCA" output to meet different usage requirments.

    Preamplifier function
    D30Pro has a preamplifier function so you can control the output volume on the front panel and also at the remote control. Since it's noise is <0.9uVrms@SE out and <1.1uVrms@BAL out, which is significantly lower than other similar products, it is very suitable for connecting to power amplifiers or monitor speakers.

    A lot of effort is used to achieve everything above
    CPLD focusing on clock processing and digital signal optimization, restoring what the digital signal should be. We use up to 8 independent LDOs to supply power to different loads, so there is no longer interference between different loads. Both RCA and XLR have reached the 120dB SINAD, so that RCA transmission can also have the same excellent performance as XLR.

  • • Hi-Res Audio
    • USB Support up to DSD256 & PCM384kHz
    • XMOS XU208 & Thesycon customised drivers
    • Optical & Coaxial & USB inputs
    • Optional RCA & XLR output
    • Preamplifier function

  • USB In

    PCM 44.1-384kHz / 16bit-32bit

    DSD DSD64-DSD256 (Native), DSD64-DSD128 (Dop)

    Coax/Opt In

    PCM 44.1kHz-192kHz/16bit-24bit

    DSD DSD64(Dop)
    D30 pro Decoding parameters (USB In@96kHz)
    <0.0001% @1kHz <0.00009% @1kHz
    THD@No-wt 45kBw <0.0004% @20-20kHz <0.0004% @20-20kHz
    SNR@A-wt 127dB @1kHz 132dB @1kHz
    Dynamic range @A-wt 127dB @1kHz 132dB @1kHz
    Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB) 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB)
    20Hz-40kHz(±0.3dB) 20Hz-40kHz(±0.3dB)
    Output Voltage 2Vrms @0dBFS 4Vrms @0dBFS
    Noise @A-wt <0.9uVrms <1.1uVrms
    Crosstalk -116dB @1kHz -145dB @1kHz
    Output Impedance 20Ω 40Ω