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Schiit Audio Magni 3+ Headphone AmplifierSchiit Audio Magni 3+ Headphone Amplifier
Fiio K7 DAC & Headphone AmplifierFiio K7 DAC & Headphone Amplifier
FiiO BR13 HiFi Hi-Res Bluetooth ReceiverFiiO BR13 HiFi Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver
FiiO K3s USB DAC and Headphone AmplifierFiiO K3s USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier
FiiO Q11 DAC & Headphone AmplifierFiiO Q11 DAC & Headphone Amplifier
Schiit Audio Fulla E	DAC/AMPSchiit Audio Fulla E	DAC/AMP
iFi audio ZEN One Signature DAC NavyiFi audio ZEN One Signature DAC Navy
iFi Uno Portable Amplifier/ DACiFi Uno Portable Amplifier/ DAC
FiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone AmplifierFiiO Q3 MQA DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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What can our personal audio electronics do for you?

Fact is, the sound quality of your headphones depends not just on the transducers, but on the electronics feeding them. Whether it be a portable digital audio player, a digital-to-analogue converter or a headphone amplifier, quality sound stems from quality electronics. Here we have a wide range of products that will help make your headphones and earphones sing.

The best brands

At Addicted To Audio we carry an exciting range of first-class electronics from some of the finest specialist brands in the world, such as Grado, Fostex, HIFIMAN, Sennheiser, HeadAmp, Mytek and Schiit Audio, along with many others. You may not be familiar with some of those brands, but they’ve got a quality experience in store for your ears.

The best place to buy personal audio electronics

There are two great ways to buy personal audio electronics. The best way for most people is at a quality retail outlet in your city. That way you can have a listen, try things out, see whether they feel like a good “fit” for you. But if you’re confident that you already know what you want, consider purchasing your electronics direct from us at Addicted To Audio. We are an authorised New Zealand reseller for all our products. We provide full service and after sales support. And we ship fast.