HIFIMAN RE-2000 In-Ear Headphones


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  • Custom IEM with a Universal Fit with Topology Diaphragm
    By controlling unwanted distortion and vibration, our Topology driver provides clearer, more lifelike sound.

    The Topology Driver
    HiFIMAN's utilization of advanced depositional technology and research makes for a driver unlike any other in the world. With the creation of Topological, Nano scale layer application technology, upon a driver diaphragm, allows for the manipulation of sound wave creation like never before. No other driver technology allows for such control and precision resulting in clarity, detail and nuance.

    What is a Topology Diaphragm?
    The "Topology Diaphragm" or "Topology Driver" refers to the diaphragm with a special Nano particle coating applied to its surface. The distribution of the coating has distinct geometric patterns. By varying the surface pattern, compound used, the thickness or geometric pattern sound wave formation can be manipulated to achieve the desired audio effect and control. The idea behind the new Topology Diaphragm
    was inspired by Dr Fang Bian's Ph.D. thesis that "different Nano materials have differing structures and each of those materials have
    its own properties". Therefore, by carefully controlling the diaphragm surface structure you can yield different results in acoustic performance to a degree previously unobtainable.

    Armature's Inadequacies
    The inadequate soundstaging produced by Armatures is caused by the way sound waves are formed by armature's multiple wave reflection and diffraction in the driver, which can cause high levels of distortion. Therefore, armature based IEMs have little breadth and yield a sound flat and without emotion.

    The Diaphragm Distortions of Dynamic Drivers
    Traditional dynamic drivers can produce response alteration due to distortion and vibration across the diaphragm surface.

    The Ideal Dynamic Driver
    The Topology diaphragm structure used by HIFIMAN greatly reduces the uncontrolled diaphragm distortions, enabling the operational performance of dynamic IEM's to an approach to an ever superior, trend towards perfect wave control.

    The Perfect Blend of Acoustic Drama and Clarity
    The creation of countless prototypes and user testing combined with the Topological driver pattern changes mean your ear encounters the sound wave precisely as the original recording creator intended.

    Radical New Housing for a Radical New Driver
    The shape of the housing is again an example of blending industrial design, comfort and a striking visual. Providing excellent fit, comfort and isolates, all to give you the most wonderful of listening experiences.

  • • 9.2mm dynamic drivers
    • Higher-Grade Drivers over RE800
    • Nano-Particle Construction in Driver
    • Less Distortion than Balanced Armatures
    • Sports Benefits of Multi-Driver Setups
    • Mitigates Issues of Multi-Driver Setups
    • Silver-Plating, Electroplated Housing
  • Frequency Response

    5 Hz to 20 kHz



    Sensitivity 103 dB
    Driver Size/Type 9.2 mm dynamic topology
    Earphone Weight 13.8g
    Cable Weight 23g
    Physical Attributes Silver-plated housing, silver-coated crystalline copper wire

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