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Color: Black


  • Switchable gain: 23dB or 29dB
  • Balanced XLR input. Pin 2 positive.
  • Single ended (RCA) input.
  • SoftStart circuitry for managing inrush current upon initial power up.
  • Wired remote control AC/DC trigger input and passthrough with supplied connector
  • Network connected control and information.
Bryston 9B Cubed Multi-Channel Amplifier Specifications
Power Output Per Channel CH1 8Ω Load: 200W
Gain High: 29dB 28.28 V/V
Low: 23dB 14.14 V/V
Sensitivity (into 8Ω) CH1 High: 1.0V 100V/V
High: 1.4V 100V/V
Low: 2.0V 100V/V
Low: 2.8V 100V/V
Input Impedance Individual Mode
Single Ended ≈30kΩ
Balanced + ≈30kΩ
Balanced - ≈6kΩ
IMD 60Hz+7kHz 4:1 <0.006%
THD+N 20Hz-20kHz @ 200W, 8Ω <0.005%
Noise (input shorted, 22Hz22kHz) SE: High: 29dB <-108dB
Low: 23dB <-113dB
Bal: High: 29dB <-110dB
Low: 23dB <-116dB
Slew Rate >60V / µS
Bandwidth <1Hz to >100kHz -3dB
Damping 20Hz, 8Ω >300
Weight Pounds:65
Power Consumption (Watts) Standby: 2
Idle: 140
All ch. 200W 8Ω: 1770
All ch. 30W 8Ω: 800
Heat Load (BTU/Hour) Standby: 2
Idle: ≤478
All ch. 200W 8Ω: 6039
A All ch. 30W 8Ω: 2790
Dimensions Inches: 17 or 19 W x 5.8 H x 17.5 or 19 (with front handles) D

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