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  • The product is a 57g jar of activated rosin flux soldering paste.
  • It is specifically formulated for use in projects where components are not cleaned post-soldering.
  • The rosin acts as a protective coating to shield solder joints from environmental damage.
  • Designed for ease of use, it eliminates the need for post-solder cleaning, streamlining the soldering process.
  • Suitable for detailed electronic work, ensuring durable and strong joints.
  • Offers excellent thermal stability and strong adhesion for reliable performance.
  • An alternative water-soluble, organic-based flux is also available for projects requiring a clean finish but necessitates washing after soldering.
Technical Specifications
Feature Description
Product Weight 57 grams
Type Activated rosin flux
Application Optimal for projects where components are not washed post-soldering
Protection Provides a protective coating against environmental damage
Ease of Use No need for post-solder cleaning
Versatility Suitable for intricate electronic work
Stability Excellent thermal stability and adhesion
Alternative Option Water-soluble, organic-based flux available for cleaner finishes; requires post-solder washing
  • Rosin flux paste (57 grams)

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