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  • Supercharged High Current OTG Plug
  • The Inner Storage Thickness is 25mm
  • The Newest Nyx Pure Silver Shielded Data Cable
ddHiFi MFi07S Lightning to USB-C OTG HiFi USB Cable (Nyx 2.0) Specification
Cable Structure Power and signal with shielding
Inner Insulation NUC high-precision chemical foam PE (made in Japan)
Outer Insulation High transparency SoftFlex PVC (made in the USA)
Weight 10g (10cm) -or- 20g (50cm)
Length 3.94” (10cm) -or- 19.69” (50cm)
Connections Lightning OTG, USB-C OTG
Shielding Litz Silver-plated over LCOFC
Data Layer Core Thickness (x2) 27AWG
Core Material High purity Litz Type2 4N Solid Core Silver (Φ0.08mm×19×2)
Power Layer Core Thickness (x2) 22.9AWG
Core Material High purity Litz Type2 Oxygen-free Copper (Φ0.05mm×19×7×2)

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