Dekoni Audio Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin Earpads For HIFIMAN Susvara

Dekoni Audio

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  • Dekoni has had the opportunity to work with Hifiman to bring the Elite Series of earpads to one of the most precise open-back headphones on the market.

    Available in all Elite variants, you’ll be able to finetune your listening experience to match the quality you want to hear, all alongside the premium Dekoni comfort.

    Dekoni Audio has introduced a new era in ear pads with the new Fenestrated Sheepskin ear pad.

    The pad is designed to be cooler and more comfortable than any other pad and has the added benefit of helping to give the headphone a cleaner sound stage by reducing reflections of the direct sound before entering the ear.

    Pricing is for 1 Pair

  • External Dimensions

    116mm x 109mm x 23mm

    Internal Dimensions

    61mm x 71mm