Dekoni Audio Elite Velour Earpads for HiFiMAN HE Series

Dekoni Audio

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Dekoni Audio has been hard at work on pads for the HiFiMan HE series headphones. While these only fit the round models such as the HE5, HE4, HE400i, HE400s, HE500, HE560, and the Susvara you will find them to be a huge upgrade to both the confort and sound of the headphones. With 4 different variants to chose from you also have the ability to tune the headphones to your own tastes by varying the pads you use.

This ear Pad model fits the HE5, HE4, HE400i, HE400s, HE500, HE560, and Susvara

This model features a velour material that is
not quite alcantra but not the typical velour you find on other ear pads.
This velour is softer and more breathable while still acting like a traditional
protein leather in the way it doesn’t absorb all the low end you lose to most
velour ear pads.

Pricing is for 1 Pair