FiiO FD5 In-Ear Earphones


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  • Flagship Dynamic In-ear Monitors
    A uniquely timeless industrial design 2 specially selected high-performance materials diaphragm with 3 revolutionary acoustic design breakthroughs.

    Newly developed flagship driver Large 12mm dynamic unit
    FiiO has always spared no effort in creating their flagship products. In the FD5 is a newly developed, large 12mm dynamic driver utilizing N52 magnets with a high magnetic flux of 1.5 Tesla for extremely robust bass and excellent high frequency resolution.

    Beryllium-coated surround with DLC diaphragm
    We have conducted much research and experimentation when choosing the materials for our new dynamic driver. By combining the use of Beryllium and diamond-like carbon (DLC), we make full use of the physical rigidity and flexibility properties of the materials to reduce unneeded vibration and appropriately damp sound for improved quality. Overall, the frequency response is balanced and distortion is minimized at all frequency ranges.

    FD5 diaphragm
    Because of its use of rigid DLC material, the diaphragm is more responsive to voice coil movements for less distortion and more accurate reproduction of sound.

    Other diaphragms
    Materials with weak rigidity are slower to respond to voice coil movements and produce irregular ripple-like movements, causing distortion.

    High-end audio inspired acoustic prism
    In order to address the issues that come with the time delay between different sound waves, an acoustic prism system was specifically developed for the FD5. This was inspired by similar technology used for adjusting tweeters in well-known high-end audio products. By installing a conical device close to the front end of the driver diaphragm, we can precisely control how the sound waves travel in the sound tube bringing benefits such as eliminating high frequency standing waves and enhancing overall sound wave diffusion.

    Anti-standing wave and semi-open design
    A “volcanic field”was added to the rear of the FD5 in order to reduce low-frequency standing waves, reduce distortion, and overall improve the diffusion of bass waves throughout the FD5. The FD5 also adopts a semi-open design, which relieves air pressure on the ear leading to more comfortable and long listening sessions.

    A sound you actually want
    Compared with a multiple-driver IEM, in the FD5 there is only one point from which the sound is produced from a single driver – making for more accurate sound positioning. The flagship-grade dynamic driver and carefully tuned acoustic design also combine to make the FD5 sound wonderfully pleasant to most people's preferences – a relaxed, natural yet transparent sound with a large soundstage and impressive dynamics.

    Curves of natural beauty
    FiiO's third generation design is based on carefully-designed curves, evoking majestic mountains and wondrous waterfalls. These curves combined with a faceplate offering two distinctly different textures form a sort of “acoustic art”that needs to be experienced in person.

    Casting a strong voice with stainless steel
    The smooth, luxurious-feeling 3D embossed stainless steel faceplate represents both form and function – while looking striking, the robust stainless steel also reduces the harmonic distortion of sound inside the FD5. The faceplate provides a striking contrast against the chrome finish of the rest of the FD5 as well.

    Art and science in harmony
    The stunning curved cylindrical design of the FD5 is actually a benefit for acoustics, as such a design greatly reduces unwanted resonances and reflection of sound waves within the body allowing every last detail of your music to be faithfully reproduced.

    Large and small Find something that suits you
    Great sound comes from a great fit, which is why the FD5 comes with interchangeable sound tubes in small and large sizes to best fit your ear. The large sound tube is balanced, while the small sound tube presents a lively, more bass-focused sound.

    Interchangeable parts for unlimited possibilities
    The included cable is an expanded MMCX design with 8 strands of monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable that perfectly and faithfully reproduces your music. The cable also features interchangeable audio plugs for 2.5mm/3.5mm/4.4mm, allowing you to take advantage of a variety of sources.

    Hi-Res Audio certified
    The FD5 is Hi-Res Audio certified, a testament to its highly-detailed, yet rich and lifelike sound.

    Accessories worthy of the experience
    Even the accessories have been thoughtfully considered for the FD5. The included HB5 storage case dutifully protects your earphones, while the included MMCX clips greatly facilitates detaching the MMCX cables.

  • •12mm flagship dynamic driver
    •Beryllium-coated DLC diaphragm with low distortion and excellent dynamics
    •Front acoustic prism with smaller phase mismatches for more accurate imaging
    •Rear volcanic field system enhances the diffusion of low frequencies and reduces standing waves
    •Semi-open acoustic design with a balanced, beautiful and unfatiguing sound

  • Driver 12mm Beryllium-coated
    Diamond-like carbon (DLC)
    Dynamic driver
    Diaphragm Thickness 12u
    Magnet Type N52
    Voice Coil Copper-clad aluminium
    Headphone Type Over-the-ear
    Nominal 32Ω@1kHz

    DC Impedance



    109db (1kHz@1mw)

    Frequency Response


    Rated power input


    Rated power input



    < 3%

    Cable Connectors 8 strands of monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable
    Cable Length 120cm