FiiO UT-WS3 True Wireless Bluetooth Cable


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  • True Wireless Bluetooth Amplifier
    There is a new wireless option for your existing detachable-cable earphones! The UTWS3, with a choice of 0.78mm 2-pin/MMCX connectors, allows you to transform most detachable earphones into a true wireless pair. Experience high quality sound while being freed from the mess of wires.

    Independent amplifier architecture
    The UTWS3 sets itself apart from other wireless audio accessories with its emphasis on sound quality. Its high-performance headphone amplifier chip reduces distortion and greatly increases output power to better drive multi-driver headphones. It also has an analog volume adjustment system, for improved dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio for even better audio performance.

    Tiny body, huge reserves
    For you to get longer battery life, we have included a charging case with the UTWS3. The charging case is large enough to accommodate both the ear units and most earphones at the same time, making it more convenient for charging/pairing/turning on and other situations. The charging case, with its built-in 800mAh battery, provides up to 30 hours of battery life.

    Perfection, starting from pairing
    You'll have a great experience, even starting from the beginning step of pairing. The ear units and the charging case are designed to work together for your convenience – opening the case's lid automatically turns on the ear units, while closing the lid turns them off. Bluetooth pairing and clearing pairing is done with the pairing button of the charging case, greatly simplifying such operations into one button.

    More clever features to tap into
    Through either the FiiO Control or FiiO Music apps, you can adjust the EQ, channel balance, and other audio options of the UTWS3. There will also be firmware updates pushed through these apps to continually improve the UTWS3.

    Simple ultra-light touch controls
    The large touch button only requires a light 60g of force to activate, and has been designed to correctly reject unintended touches as well as eliminate any negative tactile feedback. Easily access the controls with just simple taps.

    Close and comfortable fit
    The improved metal memory ear hooks are comfortable, yet stay securely in your ear. This makes them perfect for any long music sessions, such as during exercise.

    Dual microphones for clearer calls
    In addition to its capable audio performance, the UTWS3 also makes excellent calls. Both the left and right ear units have 2 built-in microphones. The primary microphone at the bottom of the unit picks up your voice, while the secondary microphone placed at a 90 ° angle from the primary picks up ambient noise that is filtered out by the Qualcomm CVC noise cancelling technology. Together these microphones give you crisp and clear calls.

    Greatly improved performance
    The Bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm QC3020 chip in the UTWS3 provides higher transmission speeds, as well as more stable signal connections and shielding against interference. This chip allows for high-resolution Bluetooth transmission that truly enables you to enjoy true wireless freedom without compromises no matter what you're doing.

    Qualcomm TWS+ dual transmission Dual direct connections, lower latency
    With TWS+ dual transmission technology, there is no primary and secondary ear unit on the UTWS3 – both units are primary and directly connected to your Bluetooth device. This means lower latency, stronger resistance against interference, and an overall more stable connection. Note: TWS+ requires your smartphone's support. Some phones are unsupported or may have compatibility issues.

    Power saving or immersion, your choice
    You can use only a single ear unit to save power for longer battery life, or you can use both ear units at once for greater immersion.

    Great sound on Apple and Android devices aptX/AAC/SBC support
    In addition to AAC support for Apple devices, the high-quality and low-latency aptX Bluetooth codec is also supported ensuring you can enjoy high quality music wherever.

    Get comfortable 26 levels of independent volume adjustment
    The UTWS3 has its own volume control separated from that of your Bluetooth device, allowing for even more fine-grained adjustment of volume to perfectly suit you.

    Splash away with IPX4 water resistance
    With IPX4 water resistance, the UTWS3 can accompany you through your fierce workouts and through the splashes of everyday life letting you enjoy your music without fear.

    Your music, anywhere
    No matter where you go, the UTWS3 is there to provide you with soothing music.

  • • Qualcomm QCC3020
    • TWS + Low Latency Technology aptX lossless support
    • MMCX/0.78mm connectors
    • Independent amps App Control
    • High capacity charging case
    • 30 hours of battery life

  • Bluetooth Chip QCC3020
    Codec Support SBC/AAC/aptX
    Bluetooth Versions 5.0
    Range 10m
    Battery Life 30h (each charge 5.5 hours, charging case can be used 4-5 times)

    Standby Time


    Charging Time

    Approx. 1.5h per ear unit, approx. 2.5h for charging case

    Output Power

    25mW (32Ω), 38mW (16Ω)

    Charging Connector


    Weight Pwer Ear Unit

    6.5g (without Earphones)