Grado GR10e In Ear Earphones

Grado Labs

*Please check with our online customer service team for stock availability Genuine

Please note: Current stock of the GR10e are silver - they can also be bronze. Only the GR10e have the port where the wire enters the enclosure - unlike the older GR10.

Learning never ends and the new GR10e is a result of a constant desire to look at designs and materials and improve upon them.

  • A higher level of precision, new materials and a newly developed vented enclosure allows for the performance of the GR10e to add frequency extension in both the high and low ranges as well as reducing distortion.

    Grado Labs brings to you a fantastic trio of affordable in-ear headphones. We invite you to replace the earbuds that came with your portable music player. You will find a refreshing new window into your music.

    "...for the mid-band: its shock and awe! With enormous dynamics, extraordinary definition, and wide-open soundstaging, the GR10s are glorous midrange performers. This is where most of the music lives, and it lives big-time in the GR10s." 
    — Robert Levi / Positive Feedback

  • The new GR10e features a bronze accent band. 


    3 pair ear tips (S M L) proprietary blend of two silicons 
    Ear wax proof cloth x4 
    Ear wax proof cloth ring x2 

  • Driver: Moving Armature 

    Connector: 3.5mm stereo mini-plug 

    Frequency Response: 20 -20,000 Hz 

    Sensitivity: 113dB/1mW 

    Impedance: 32 ohms 

    Max Input Power: 20mW 

    Cable: 51"/130cm 

    Weight: 9 grams