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Color: Black


Amplifier Output

  • 4Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)
  • 8Ω: 250W x 2ch (500W)

Sub Woofer Output

  • Mono, 1Vrms (2.218 dBu)

Input sensitivity

  • Balance input: 600mV (250W x 2ch)
  • Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input: 600mV (250w x 2ch)
  • Phono(MM) Input: 5mV (250W x 2ch)

Impedance Input

  • Balanced Input: 47kΩ
  • Unbalance(Line1,2,3) Input: 47kΩ
  • Phono(MM) Input: 47kΩ


  • 20Hz ~ 20kHz: +0, 0dB
  • 10Hz ~ 66kHz: +0, -1dB
  • 10Hz ~ 85kHz: +0, -3dB

Frequency response

  • 20Hz ~ 20kHz: +0, 0dB
  • 10Hz ~ 66kHz: +0, -1dB
  • 10Hz ~ 85kHz: +0, -3dB

THD measure

Balance & Unbalance (Line 1, 2, 3) input: 0.007% (@125W)

Damping Factor

Speaker output: >250 (250w x 2ch)

Signal to Noise Ratio Measure (S/N)

Balanced, Unbalanced / Phono MM: 109dB/109dB/85dB (250W x 2ch)

Output impedance

Speaker Output: 30mΩ (250W x 2ch)

Tone Control

Bass(100Hz) / Treble(10kHz): ±15dB (1W x 2cg, Speaker Output)


  • Turnover: 500Hz (+13dB@100Hz)
  • Roll-off: 2.1kHz (-13.7dB@10kHz)


Width 430 x Depth 355 x Height 103




Solid Aluminium, Rust-proof Steel


  • Output power: 500W (SMPS) (Maximum Output: 600W)
  • Input voltage: AC100-230V, 50/60Hz (Standby Mode Power Consumption <0.5W)

Audio In/Out on Rear

  • Trigger In: Voltage can be turn on 3.3V ∼ 12V
  • Trigger Out: Voltage can be turned on 12V

Remote: IR Input

38 kHz Infrared Ray (Operating Distance within 10 m)

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