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  • 4N Oxygen - free copper ultimate conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • 5N Platinum pure silver minimal skin effect and impeccable audio signal transmission
  • RoHS compliant super-soft polymer for protection
  • Making it a multiple channels shielded cable
  • Braided for low-resistance path to ground
  • iFi’s own smooth surface connector and copper edge cut in a sharp angle to protect the 4.4 socket and extend lifetime
  • 1mm raised lip for precise connection


Minimum inductance and capacitance minZ™ (for minimum impedance) helix construction


14AWG total thickness

Conductor material

Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper silver matrix


RoHS compliant super-soft (60P) HD polymer


Intrinsic shielding provided by minZ™ helix construction

AC spark insulation

600 Ohms non sensitive to capacitive load


iFi 'FINAL' 4.4 connectors

Insulation resistance 100Mohm
Length 300 mm (11.8")
Weight 25 g (0.9 oz)
  • ifi 4.4 to 4.4 cable

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