iFi audio GND Defender

iFi audio

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  • Ground control to Major components
    The optimum configuration for each system is one Ground/Earth for the whole system. If a system has multiple Grounds/Earths, then it often creates unwanted ground loops. These systems will then have an annoying low-frequency hum (emitted from the speakers).

    Current solutions either jeopardise both safety and EMI shielding (e.g. cheater plug), or EMI shielding.

    The GND Defender in the correct way, intelligently detects a ground loop and will cut the ground for that component.

    AI ground detection
    With a GND Defender at the IEC power input, it will intelligently detect and remove the ground loop at the component.

    Behind this, the GND Defender:

    • Intelligently breaks DC ground loops to eliminate ground loop hum
    • EMI shielding is retained
    • Equipment Safety is unaffected (not a ground lift – so maintains equipment safety ground)

    If multiple ground loops exist, more than one GND Defender may be required.

    The GND Defender is smarter than the average ground lift. By a long way.

    Battleship build
    The GND Defender is not only at the cutting-edge in terms of technology but also safety:

    • High-performance glass passivated semiconductor
    • High Case Dielectric Strength of 1500VRMS UL Listed
    • X7R Capacitor
    • High-temperature stability
    • Flame resistant IEC socket/connector/chassis
    • Fireproof polymers UL94-V0

  • • EMI Shielding Safety retained
    • AI Ground technology
    • Can be used around the globe

  • Gain settings

    MC (v lo)@

    72dB (+/- 1dB)
    MC (lo) 60dB (+/- 1dB)
    MC (hi) 48dB (+/- 1dB)
    MM 36dB (+/- 1dB)

    AI Sub-sonic filter

    Remedies only the 'warp' in LPs

    No negative impact to bass response

    Max Output Voltage (RMS)


    20v RMS bal output into 100k (< 1% THD & N)
    13.5V RMS bal output into 600R (< 1% THD & N)

    Output Impedance


    200 Ohm resistive
    SE 100 Ohm resistive

    Input impedance


    MM: 47K Ohms (Load: 110pF)
    MC High: 47K Ohms
    MC Low: 1K Ohms
    MC V Low: 110 Ohms

    Signal/Noise Ratio


    94dB(A) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    80dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    84dB(A) MC Hi re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    71dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    90dB(A) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    79dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    79dB(A) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    69dB(unweighted 80kHz BW) MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL

    EIN (equivalent input noise)

    0.6nV|/Hz (unweighted) MC lo/vlo

    -151dBV (A weighted)
    -141dBV (unweighted)
    6.5nV|/Hz (unweighted) MM/MC hi -130dBV (A weighted)
    -119dBV (unweighted)
    Harmonic Distortion   < -110dB / 0.0003% MM re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    < -80dB / 0.01% MC lo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    < -86dB / 0.005% MC vlo re 2V BAL/1V UNBAL
    Dimensions (LxWxH)   160 x 113 x 35 mm
    Power Supply   DC 5V / 500mA
    Net weight   515g