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  • Heavy OFHC continuous cast copper
  • Polymer casing for lasting durability for excellent conductivity
  • Concurrent shield for each power line for minimization of internal and external RFI noise
  • Polymer matrix is unaffected by moisture, amorphous, dimensional accuracy, low dielectric constant
  • Air-dielectric delineator, best separation between balanced pairs of live and neutral
  • Shotgun ground line non-twisting design significantly reduce ground loop noises

Noise reduction

> 40dB (> 100x)

Surge Protection

1.8 m (70.8")max. 10,000A @ 775V / 8/20uS

Under Operating voltage

Maximum operating rating 15A at 125Vac and 10A at 250Vac

Cable Rating

15A@125vac max
10A@250vac max

Socket Rating

25A max


1.8 m (70.8")


1.20 kg (2.65 lbs)

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