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  • New tonearm with knife edge bearing
  • New High precision/ High torque proprietary DC motor
  • High-Mass platter and highly rigid stainless-steel spindle
  • 3-step rotation speed switching with independent adjustment functions
  • Internal damping material
  • Unique underslung structure
  • Height adjustable damping insulators

Drive System

Belt drive system

Motor Brushless DC motor with PID control
Material Machined aluminum, Surface finish: Diamond cut
Revolution 33 1/3rpm, 45rpm, 78rpm (3 speeds selectable)
Revolution Adjustment Range ±6% (each rotation speed adjustable independently)
Wow and flutter 0.04% or less (W.R.M.S.)
Weight 4.0kg (Platter)
Tonearm Type Static balanced, S shaped, universal type
Tonearm Bearing Concealed knife edge
Tonearm Effective Length 222.5mm
Tonearm Overhang 18mm
Tracking Error Angle ±3° or less
Applicable Cartridge Weight 4 to 10g (including headshell 17 to 23g)
Adjustable height range 15mm
Power Consumption 6W
External Dimensions 465(W) × 133(to the upper surface of the platter) (H)× 393(D) mm
Net Weight 15.8kg (main unit), 17.2kg (with dust cover)
  • Platter, Headshell
  • Rubber mat Rubber belt,
  • Platter mount handle (2 pieces) EP adaptor
  • Counterweight
  • Arm adjustment hex wrench set (2 types)
  • Flathead screwdriver for rotation speed adjustment
  • Phono cable (DIN→RCA : already installed in the unit)
  • Power cable

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