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  • Eletech “Ronin” Cable Specially developed for Noble Audio, featuring a 7 core-geometry configuration while integrating triple OCC materials in dual sizing core design. “Ronin” is employed with an Eletech specialty shielding that enhances both high frequencies detail retrieval as well as the cleanliness of the background.
  • the Ronin features 4 Sonion balanced armature drivers for sub-bass and bass frequencies, 4 balanced armature drivers for mid-low and mid-range frequencies, and four electrostatic drivers for high and super-high frequencies.
Available Finishes: Prestige Housings
Drive Units: Super-High and High Frequencies - 4 Electrostatic  
Mid Frequencies - 4 Balanced Armatures
Sub-Bass and Bass Frequencies - 4 Balanced Armatures    
  • Ronin In Ear Monitors
  • Eletech "Ronin" Cable

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