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  • IMPACT² Subwoofer Solution: Features two 10mm composite diaphragm drivers arranged in an isobaric design, significantly enhancing bass power and texture while maintaining tonal integrity.
  • Latest Gen Sonion Drivers: Utilizes the latest iterations of Sonion drivers (P2356HF/4 and E25ST001/D) for enhanced output, reduced THD, higher resolution, and clarity, with the super tweeter extending treble performance up to 18kHz.
  • Balanced Tuning: Studio-monitor-esque tuning with powerful and controlled bass, flat and neutral mids, and tamed treble, providing an accurate and pleasant listening experience.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Updated P2356HF/4 driver allows for high-resolution and clarity, making it suitable for professional audio applications and critical listening.
  • Versatile Sound Profile: Offers a sound signature familiar to THIEAUDIO fans, appealing to both existing users and new audiences by delivering a true definition of an in-ear monitor with balanced tonal characteristics.
Thieaudio Hype 2 In-Ear Monitors Specifications
Drivers Sonion E25 (x1) + Sonion 2300 (x1) + 10mm dynamic drivers (x2)
Sensitivity 108dB/Vrms@1KHz
Impedance 25Ω@1KHz
Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz
Nozzle Diameter 6.2mm
Inner Nozzle Diameter 5.0mm
  • Hype 2 In-Ear Monitors
  • 1.2m 2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination
  • Variety of Silicone and Foam Ear Tips
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Gray zip-up Case

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