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  • Pure black tone for elegant display
  • Crafted with an aluminium alloy frame and carbon fibre panels
  • Features a 9° incline for optimal viewing
  • Two sizes available to fit a range of adapted models
Topping Display Base (DB1621 Small)
Dimension 23cm (length) x 25cm (width) x 0.9cm (height) /
9.05 inches (length) x 9.84 inches (width) x 0.35 inches (height)
Weight 425g / 0.93lbs
Topping Display Base (DB2523 Large)
Dimension 16cm (length) x 21cm (width) x 0.9cm (height) /
6.29 inches (length) x 8.26 inches (width) x 0.35 inches (height)
Weight 285g / 0.62lbs
  • Topping Display Base (Size Selected)

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