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  • The Vicoustic Flexi Kick Drum is designed to enhance the sound quality of bass drums by controlling internal reflections and harmonics.
  • It features a flexible foam panel that fits inside the drum, dampening reflections from the shell and reducing excess harmonics from the skins.
  • This results in a refined sound with the perfect attack, while preserving the kick drum's intrinsic character and improving its overall tone.
  • The panel is made with a unique multi-cavity design and optimized density to ensure crisp, clear, and controlled sound without over-muting.
  • Ideal for both live performances and studio recordings due to its enhancement of the drum's natural sound.
  • Comes with a universal design that fits any bass drum size, accompanied by a diagram for precise cutting to required dimensions.
  • The customization process is straightforward and quick, suitable for drummers who need flexibility across different drum sizes or kits.
  • It is an essential tool for drummers aiming to achieve professional audio quality, providing an effective solution for enhancing kick drum acoustics without extensive modifications.
Vicoustic Flexi Kick Drum Specification
Dimensions (L×H×W) 595x509x55mm / 23.4''x20''x2.2''
Scratch Resistance No
Washable No
Raw Material Polyurethane Foam
  • Units/Box: 1
  • Box Dimensions (L×H×W): 595x509x55mm / 23.4''x20''x2.2''
  • Box Gross Weight: 0.5kg

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