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Colour: Natural Oak


  • A black frame around the entire structure of the VicSpacer XXL gives VicStrip a new decorative look.
  • An air gap of 40mm between the panels and the wall is achieved behind the wood structure, which was conceived to optimize the acoustic response of the panel.
  • A layer of VicPET Wool with 8mm is assembled behind the VicStrip panels which reach 12mm, making the panels a double-layer with around 20mm of PET to enhance sound absorption.
Dimensions (2.4m) 2384x1194x66mm / 93.8''x47''x2.6''
Raw Material VicPet Wool, HPL, Wood and Lacquered Steel
Functionality: Absorption
Absorption Frequency Range: Medium and High Frequencies
Gross Weight 33.45kg
  • 4 units of VicStrip 1190x595x12mm
  • 4 units of VicPet Wool 1190x595x8mm
  • 1 VicSpacer XXL (Black Frame)

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